Welliem Manderi Says Merauke Regency Receives 10,000 Masks from Lukas Enembe

Welliem Manderi Says Merauke Regency Receives 10,000 Masks from Lukas EnembeMERAUKE, LELEMUKU.COM - A total of 10 thousand red and white masks, supported by Papua Governor, Lukas Enembe, were handed over to the Local Government of Merauke Regency on Monday (Sept. 7, 2020).

The handover of assistance was represented by the Chairman of the Daily Papua Covid-19 Task Force, Welliem R. Manderi who is also the Head of BPBD and Satpol PP Papua.

This was said by the Head of the Communication and Informatics Office of the Papua Province, Jeri A. Yudianto, in the release received by the editor.

The Papua Covid Task Force also handed over the assistance of 10 ventilators to the Government of Merauke (6 pieces), Boven Digul (2 pieces) and Mappi (2 pieces).Especially for Asmat Regency, is still in proposal and will be submitted in the coming weeks.

On that occasion, Jeri confirmed that he had conveyed public communication policy during the Covid-19 pandemic to the Government of Merauke.

Every government public information channel should be maximized to meet positive content. So that the public can receive completed and comprehensive information regarding the handling of Covid-19 in Papua.

"But the most important thing is also to work together between governments, community leaders, religious leaders to continue educating the public to discipline the health protocols," he said.

Meanwhile, The Head of Papua Transportation Office Reky Ambrauw invited the Local Government to control the movement of people entering the district.

"We hope the strong commitment of the Merauke Government to maintain all entrances, so that the movement and control of Covid-19 Papua can be monitored properly," he explained.

While in the field of education, the Head of the Papua Regional Education, Library and Archives Office, ordered to address the plan of school opening policy as the central policy, must be done wisely.

He also suggested providing Covid prevention facilities and infrastructure, such as hand washing and other things related to the implementation of health protocols, before opening a school.

"So that it can prevent transmission at the school level. Moreover, Merauke has 206 elementary schools, 56 junior high schools, 19 high schools, 15 vocational schools, 1 special need school , 15 PKBM, and 1,313 kindergarten ," he said. (DiskominfoPapua)

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