Lukas Enembe Pushes Palapa Ring Network to Reach Entire Papua Province

Lukas Enembe Pushes Palapa Ring Network to Reach Entire Papua Province JAYAPURA, LELEMUKU.COM - Papua Governor Lukas Enembe encouraged the construction of Palapa Ring facilities to cover all districts and regency in Papua Province.

This is so that students in rural areas can enjoy free internet quotas through the distance learning system that is currently being promoted by the government, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“Currently, Telkomsel internet using the Palapa Ring only covers the district capital. For that, we want to encourage this Palapa Ring to enter the districts. So that our children, who previously did not have an internet network, they can immediately enjoy the facilities (internet through the system) of distance learning," explained Lukas, in Jayapura, Monday (Sept. 7, 2020).

General Manager of Consumer Sales Regional Maluku and Papua Alfon Oktrianda welcomed the Governor's initiative related to efforts to encourage the development of Palapa Ring to the district.

"Especially for Papua does need to add Palapa Ring facilities to the district. Basically Telkomsel devices in the mountainous region are ready. The important thing is the Palapa Ring comes in first," he explained.

He exemplifies Telkomsel's internet connection in Wamena City today through the Palapa Ring program, even being able to use Youtube up to 6 mb per second.

Although not all areas in Wamena City, he hopes for the Palapa Ring program in the future and it can be distributed to all corners of Papua.

"Because school-age children in Papua have the most domiciles in districts or villages so that's why we are currently studying at home and the government has a commitment to build, so Palapa Ring covers Telkomsel directly to provide internet services," he said. (DiskominfoPapua)
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