Dharma Wanita in Papua Invited to Socialize Prevention of Covid-19

Dharma Wanita in Papua Invited to Socialize Prevention of Covid-19.lelemuku.com.jpgJAYAPURA, LELEMUKU.COM - Dharma Wanita member is invited to become a government campaigner in socializing the prevention of the Covid-19, which now continues to have a significant increase in Papua.

It was delivered by the daily Regional Secretary of the Papua Provincial Government, Muhammad Musa'ad on the handover of the position of the chairman of the Dharma Wanita Association of the regional secretariat of Papua Province, from the old official Grice Nelce Auri to the new official Andar Aryani Musa'ad.

Therefore, under the leadership of the new chairman, the Dharma Wanita is asked to be able to organize its members to take the role in helping the government to face the coronavirus transmission.

"Let's support the government to take preventative measures through existing programs. For example, when meeting a community that does not wear masks please be reminded well," he explained.

As a DWP adviser, Musa'ad also invited the entire civil servant (ASN) to encourage wives to be active in the Dharma Wanita organization, according to mutual agreement in National Conference 2019 then.

"For that, I ask this should be a common concern and make sure all employees who have wives to be active in the Dharma Wanita," appealed Musa'ad.

While Grice Nelce Auri as the Chairperson of the Regional Secretariat of Papua, who had just resigned, expressed his gratitude for the support and contribution of the management who had helped him in carrying out his duties as chairman so far

According to him, the change of caretaker in the body of Dharma Wanita unity, will not decide the relationship between new and old managers.

"For that, I thank the ranks of the DWP administrators so that I can perform the task here well. There are some things that are still lacking during the office, I apologize for the maximum if in speech and behave there is a mistake that is intentional or not ".

"A pride and a plus value that I get here is a very extraordinary togetherness," he added.

He also hopes that the new Chairman can continue and improve the Regional Secretary DWP of Papua as well as the relationship that has been built so that it can continue to be well established.

Andar Aryani Musa'ad, chairman of the new Regional Secretary DWP of Papua in his speech, ensured that he was ready to continue the previous management program. He also expects solid coordination among all the members for the advancement of the organization.  (DiskominfoPapua)

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