Christian Sohilait Says Application Of "Learning From Home" Program Is Immediately Evaluated

Christian Sohilait  Says Application Of Learning From Home Program Is Immediately Evaluated.lelemuku.com.jpgJAYAPURA, LELEMUKU.COM - The Regional Education, Library and Archive Office of Papua Province considers evaluating a "learning from home" program, to see how far the students are developed and impacted, in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic.

It was delivered by the head of Regional Education, Library and Archive Office of Papua, Christian Sohilait to the press in Jayapura on Monday (July 27, 2020).

"Because there is also a region in Papua that is difficult in the Internet usage, no one is missing  to use the radio facilities Pro Dua RRI and the NEAT community. So it is necessary to evaluate, "he explained.

This former Regional Secretary of Lanny Jaya, appreciates the creativity of teachers and students who are now beginning to implement a face to face system alternately for students in school as an alternative to the Internet.

The system is also used so that children, who are struggling to use the Internet, do not miss the lessons and assignments from the teacher.

"So there was a school implementing the Monday Class 1 system to come to school to meet face to face and take on assignments, then Tuesday 2nd class and so on until Saturday".

"So the face-to-face system turns very well and the main one they still apply the health protocol. This is a priority in school so we thank for this good initiative," he said.

For this, he encouraged teachers and students to keep teaching activities in the Covid-19 pandemic.

So don't let the teaching and learning process break because of Covid. This should not happen and I hope for schools that have difficulty in learning to be able to use other alternatives to be applied in their schools. But the main thing is to maintain the health protocol.(DiskominfoPapua)

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