Jokowi Orders Strict, Cautious Protocols During New Normal in Indonesia

Jokowi Orders Strict, Cautious Protocols During New Normal in IndonesiaJAKARTA, LELEMUKU.COM - President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has called for strict and cautious protocols in the opening of regions during the new normal in order to stay productive but safe from COVID-19.

“Improper implementation of strict protocols can lead to a rise in new cases in an area,” the President said during a visit to the COVID-19 Task Force at the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Jakarta, Wednesday (10/6).

The President also called for strict implementation of preconditions.

“Reminding the public to wear face masks, to keep a safe distance, to wash hands, to avoid crowds is important,” he said, adding that simulation is also needed to instill discipline of the public during the new normal.

The President also said he had ordered the Indonesian National Police (Polri) Chief and the Indonesian National Defense Forces (TNI) Commander to deploy its officials in crowded areas to remind the public to comply with health protocols.

Implementation of the new normal in the regions protocols, he added, must also be discussed with the Task Force Chairperson and take into account thorough calculations based on existing data and field facts.

“We must bear in mind the development of epidemiological data, particularly the R0 and Rt figures,” he said, while emphasizing the readiness of the regions and their existing health facilities.

The Government, the President continued, will also prioritize sectors and activities to resume its operation gradually.

According to him, evaluation is also needed for those regions that have opened its activities.

Sectors with low COVID-19 transmission but have high economic impacts will also be prioritized such as agriculture, livestock, plantation, fishery, manufacturing, construction, logistics, goods distribution, mining, petroleum sectors, he added.

The President also called for strengthening of consolidation and coordination between the Central Government and regional governments, including the villages, neighboring unit (RT) and community unit (RW) levels.

Furthermore, the Head of State also reiterated that control and evaluation must be in place on a regular basis considering the condition remains very dynamic and the success of COVID-19 handling is very much determined by discipline and implementation of health protocols.

“We must be optimistic that we can tackle those challenges in the shortest possible time,” the President said. (Setkab)

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